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What age is Walk Worthy Weekend geared for? 

Walk Worthy Weekend is designed for those ages 16 to 25, but this isn’t a strict policy.

How do I pay for Walk Worthy Weekend 2019?

There are 3 options for payment. You can PayPal us (we’ll send you a link when you register), send us a check (make it out to Bible and Life Ministries), or pay us at the conference via cash or credit card. We’d prefer that you pay us prior to the conference, but understand if you can’t.

What should I bring to Walk Worthy Weekend?

Your Bible | a notebook | bedding | a towel | sneakers | bug spray | a jacket | sunscreen | athletic wear | pens | toiletries

Is there church on Sunday morning?

Yes! The Lord’s Supper begins at 9:15 am and will be followed by a session with the main speaker at 11:00 am. Lunch will follow.

Is Walk Worthy Weekend kid-friendly?

Walk Worthy Weekend was created as a time for young people to gather and study God’s Word together. Because we’re dedicated to this focus right now, the conference can’t facilitate families with children at this time.